About EcoScienceWire

EcoScienceWire converts today’s most important environmentally-focused scientific articles into one pagers for a broad audience. Only the most recent and salient environmental research is covered, and only in a way that is engaging and understandable.


Raison d’Etre

There is a story of epic proportions brewing in the 21st century: humanity’s struggle to recognize and adapt to the elements of a changing planet. We are the characters in the tale, but we are also the audience struggling to understand fragments of an unintelligible plot wrapped in scientific jargon. We need to feel closer to what scientists are discovering each day about the status of our planet and the security of our future on it. We might know that ice caps are melting, but what is the latest estimate of melting rates, and what does that mean for all of us? Each week EcoScienceWire chooses a scientific article published in leading scientific journals and tells the story of what was done and what the implications are. I hope this service empowers you to better understand the status of our planet.

-Adam Hanbury-Brown

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